Amir Landsman Offers Flexible Business Cash Advance Services Through H Capital

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In 2007, Amir Landsman struck out on his own and founded H Capital. While he’s always been a well-rounded man with deep loyalties to his family and friends, Landsman had a very ambitious goal for his new company. Simply put, he aimed to turn H Capital into the country’s foremost business cash-advance provider.

In the years that have followed, Landsman has made substantial progress toward this goal. One of the keys to H Capital’s success has been its focus on the flexible business cash-advance services that its larger competitors simply can’t provide. Since the company always bases its offerings on its clients’ expected future sales, its cash-advance plans are always unique.

Amir Landsman’s clients appreciate his company’s personalized approach to their financial needs. They also appreciate the simplicity of its guiding concepts and its customer-first approach. In the spirit of service, H Capital never asks its clients to take time out of their busy schedules to complete mounds of redundant paperwork.

Instead, the company simply uses a fair multiple to calculate a purchase price for an agreed-upon portion of each client’s accounts-receivable revenues. Since H Capital ties its clients’ repayment schedules to their real-time revenues, the company never accepts payments from businesses that can’t afford to make them. With a 92 percent approval rate, an easy application process and a sophisticated risk-analysis operation that ignores traditional metrics like FICO scores, H Capital succeeds where other business cash-advance providers fail. As Amir Landsman always tells his small-business clients, H Capital’s success truly rests on the success of its hard-working capital users.

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